Thanks to everyone who came to the Board meeting.  Over 60 people attended the meeting to let the Board know that they want to be heard.  Thanks to the speakers for their passion in supporting all kids.

At the May 11th Board Meeting, the School Board spoke about changing the Bathroom Code for the first time.  This was not on the Agenda. The City of Upper Arlington told them to follow the law and change the bathroom signage.  Right now they must make sure the school buildings have all 3 types of bathrooms – Boy, Girl and Gender Neutral.  Just as the original plans required.

It is a huge win when your elected officials finally follow the law.

Here’s a link to the entire meeting: Video May 11, 2021 School Board Meeting

       The bathroom Resolution to agree to follow the law is at 1:03:50.  The Speakers start at 2:19:00.  It’s worth a listen.  Lots of passion.

Thank you to the City of Upper Arlington for finally enforcing Building Code.

Resolution passed by the Board to follow the Code:  Resolution May 11, 2021

School Board Member Comments about the Bathrooms transcribed.   Do they represent you? Board Member Bathroom Comments

Moody Nolan, Architects:  Letter to City Building Department that they will label the bathrooms to Code and to the Original Plans:  Moody Nolan Letter